Edgewater Generating Station is located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Also included on this page is an associated landfill located by I-43 in the Town of Wilson, Wisconsin.

The CCR units and regulatory designation of units at Edgewater are below. The Phase 3 Module 1, Phase 3 Module 2 and Phase 4 Module 1 units were previously described as separate existing CCR landfills although they are collectively managed and permitted in one footprint as a single existing CCR landfill by the facility and by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

  • EDG Slag Pond (existing surface impoundment)
  • EDG North A-Pond (existing surface impoundment)
  • EDG South A-Pond (existing surface impoundment)
  • EDG B-Pond (existing surface impoundment)
  • EDG I-43 Phase 3, Modules 1 & 2, and Phase 4 Module 1 (existing CCR landfill)

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